Being Exhibited in Athens

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I have one of my pictures being exhibited at the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens in their International Photographers Fine Art Group Exhibition between the 2nd and 15th February 2018.

It was taken at the same time as the panorama which I use in the Blog and the landing page of the website.

The amazing beach at Loch Nevis

The amazing beach at Loch Nevis

It was one of those perfect unplanned moments, the tide was completely out, the visibility was superb, and the sky just mimicked the exposed beach, all I really had to do was capture it in very wide angle as the kids were running about me more interested in the unbelievable shell bounty that surrounded them.

It is at the end of the day one of my favorite black and white shots, and it is the way that the scene looks best. What the grayscale gives to the scene, that colour does not, is the scale that deep black gives when there is nothing other than white to detract the viewers eye.

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