After the sun has gone down on Morar

Copyright Scot Gillespie 2015

Copyright Scot Gillespie 2015

The Morar estuary is one of my favorite places. It is very well sheltered from the Atlantic that it connects to. At the time the above shot was taken it was high tide, and the vast expanse of the silver sands were covered in less than a foot of water. The sheltered nature and the shallowness of the water gave rise to the wave patterns that interceded like a flexed grid, giving additional geometry to the composition.

This image is from about 45 minutes after the sun had set, but the camera didn’t think it should look anything like this…

Digital sensors unlike film always tries to dynamically adjust for the lack of light. Back in good old transparency days you would have underexposed by about a third of a stop to get the night saturation you see above – however on digital that can become two or three full stops to get it near to what your eye and brain perceives.

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