Another lens, another day, Same Morar

Copyright Scot Gillespie 2015

Copyright Scot Gillespie 2015

As I may have said Morar bay is one of my favorite places. and it has the ability to express different moods and textures that is quite serine. Like the entry below this shot was taken at high tide, though at this point and the vast expanse of the silver sands were covered by about two foot of water; so the wavelets were not running across the long shallows Рso no geometry to play with.

Again this image was taken about 45 minutes after the sun had set, but I wanted different aspects had to come into play. The other Morar sunset shots were taken with a modern Sigma 10-20 zoom. This lens lends itself to a gives a punchy saturated look without much intervention in the post processing department. The look I was after here was much less dramatic, more gentle look that leans more to a 1930s watercolour. To this end I have a Tokina 20-35 zoom from the pre-digital auto-focus age which presents respectable images with a bit less punch, giving me a pallet of Prussian blues, saffron and burnt orange with similar underexposure.

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